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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The story of Viking legend

The story of the Viking legend Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes place in the second half of the 9th century on the way the Norwegian tribe leaves the Scandinavian home and heads for the collection of the broken kingdom known as Anglo-Saxon England. .. During this transition period, he will take on the role of Ever, looking for new homes and leading people to new lands. As you work on the Viking epic of Valhalla, you will lead a group of murder attackers in a large-scale battle against the historical background of 19th century England to build a prosperous settlement.


To learn more about this period, commonly known as the Middle Ages, we spoke with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla editorial research unit historian and inspirational content consultant Thierinoel. Who exactly do we refer to when we use the word “Viking”? Thierry Noel: That’s a very good question. When we say “Viking”, it is related to using it as a general term. It is known to evoke the image of thugs and looters who destroyed Western monasteries in Western Europe, but it is actually a bit more complicated. The term “Viking” actually refers to the elite class of Norwegian society.

Began of the game:

Traders, explorers, talented sailors, settlers, and sometimes invaders and looters were groups of certain people in Norwegian culture. The game begins when the Ever tribe leaves their Norwegian home. Why are they leaving? What is happening now in this part of the world? TN: Historically, there is still a lot of controversies. We are talking about endless wars and conflicts, and resource and land shortages. The answer is probably a mixture of all these. They left because they wanted to discover new land and find resources. In the 9th century, Scandinavian people just recently discovered the use of candles and mastered it completely. It helped them travel around the world.

By Roman times:

By the end of Roman times, the world was fragmented and the Vikings went almost everywhere, playing a major role in recombination. Assassin’s Creed games are usually played during a well-documented historical period. Valhalla occurs in a medieval era that many are not familiar with. Why is this a good environment for Assassin’s Creed? TN: It’s a fascinating moment.

It was called the Middle Ages because there was not much information about specific times such as ancient Egypt and Greece. It may be dark, but it’s also a time of transition and transformation. The Roman world is over and the Middle Ages are not yet fully over. This is a very interesting time to rebuild the Western world, rebuild values, rebuild states and nations, and fuse previously isolated cultures.

This is not just a time of conflict. In an era of intense cultural exchange between people, the Vikings played a fundamental role in the reconstruction of this world through the exchange. You said that it refers to the Middle Ages because there is not much information about other times.

 Where does our information come from? TN:

Some of them are archaeological. Other parts come from historical sources of this era, from all kinds of chronicles and texts.

Negative perception:

Unfortunately, the Vikings left little text on themselves, so the negative image of the Vikings we have was based on the texts of monks and sometimes the victims of the Viking invasion. As you can imagine, they have a pretty negative perception. There were also Viking sagas and myths. These were passed down through centuries of oral tradition and were ultimately written to inform the world. Over the next few centuries, as countries such as Britain explore their history, it is important to propose cruel enemies to explain how they were born to avoid foreign threats.

Was there anything in your research that surprised you? TN:

That’s right. I was very interested in the gap between the reality of Scandinavian society and the image of the reckless Vikings. It was a culturally fascinating society; exactly the way they treated women who had important rights at the time. He certainly disagreed with the general image of the Vikings we have. Players can choose to play Ever as male or female. You can also see women fighting on trailers.

Was it a female warrior of Viking culture? TN:

Archaeological sources have been the subject of much debate on this particular topic. But I think the point is that it was part of his worldview. The stories and myths of Norwegian society are packed with female figures and tough warriors. It was part of his idea of ​​the world, it’s equally formidable for women and men in battle, and that’s what



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