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Famous footballers

  1. Lionel Messi


La Pulga Atomica (the Atomic Flea) has been at the top of the list for more than 10 years now. And at the age of 33, he’s in good shape. Indeed, incredible numbers or seasons have been routine for Messi. Even though Barcelona missed the initial four games due to injuries, Messi is likely to take home the title of La Liga’s top scorer for the seventh time in his career, scoring 22 goals already and just three games to play. In addition to the scores of 22 Messi is credited with 20 assists to date surpassing his record of 18 assists in the course of a season. He has also racked up 42 goals in his 30 games in the league. If you’re a player at all, this is the most memorable season in your life. In the case of Lionel Messi, that’s business normal.



All competitions aside, Messi is averaging 27 goals with 24 assists. He is looking to be the one to lead Barcelona to the premier Champions League title since its three-peat during the 2014-15 season. Messi is also the latest player to be awarded the Ballon d’Or, just barely beating Liverpool player Virgil van Dijk by seven points. Despite Barcelona’s managerial woes and uncertainty about the next steps for the team if Messi quits the club, the Argentinian striker has also been playing some incredible and thrilling soccer as the norm and has recently scored the 700th goal of his career.



  1. Cristiano Ronaldo


For as long as he’s alive in the area, he’ll be near in the rankings. Cristiano Ronaldo is just 35 years old. older, and has been being a player in Italy for just his second year and making incredible numbers the goal. Ronaldo has played in the majority of Juventus goals this season, scoring six assists and 28 goals during the 28 games which he’s been playing in the league. He has an overall total of 39 goal contributions across every competition. Ronaldo is currently battling Lazio’s Ciro Immobile for the title of Capocannoniere (Serie A top-scoring player) and is Juventus their star player in what is expected to be a title-winning season. He has won in the Champions League with both of his previous clubs, Ronaldo will want to finish his treble this season as the tournament gets underway in August.



It’s more remarkable that Ronaldo can score goals in an entire game with less assistance from his teammates than he’s experienced previously. Of the 20 teams that play in Seria, A Juventus has 16th place in cross-overs this year and 14th in the accuracy of cross-field assists and crosses. Ronaldo is the player with the highest number of headed goals in soccer history and his lack of the ability to cross has caused an impact on his goals scored this season. However, he’s one-two goals behind the top scorer.



  1. Neymar


Despite being afflicted with injuries throughout the season and not playing since the beginning of March, due to the decision by Ligue 1 to end the season earlier rather than restarting play following locks were put in place, Neymar Jr. comes at third place on my list of. This should show how amazing the Brazilian player is when he’s healthy. In just 15 league matches during the season Neymar had 13 points and six assists. In the 22 games he played in all competitions, the numbers rise by 18 assists and 11 goals. In the three seasons, he has spent at Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar has never had an all-around fitness season, yet his elite abilities are evident every single day, whenever is playing. The only reason Neymar hasn’t been able to win the Ballon d’Or are Messi, Ronaldo, and injuries. If it weren’t for those three things, Neymar would easily be considered a candidate, if he wasn’t already a lock, for the most outstanding player ever.



In addition to other than winning the Ballon d’Or, Neymar’s next goal is to be the winner of his way into the Champions League with PSG. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, after beating Borussia Dortmund by a tally during the round of 16 Neymar will be in good shape and eager to take home the trophy.


  1. Robert Lewandowski


Bayern Munich’s top-of-the-line frontman completed his sixth season at the club, and his tenth year in the Bundesliga all in all and helped Bayern achieve its eighth title in consecutive seasons. At 31, Robert Lewandowski had his most successful season to date. Lewandowski won the top scorer in the Bundesliga prize for the 5th time, scoring 33 goals from the 32 games that he played in. He scored just one goal in six games throughout the season, scoring seven braces and a three-goal hat trick. He also scored a score of 51 goals and 6 assists during 43 games across all competitions. He scored two goals in the DFB Pokal final that Bayern has recently won. These numbers are expected to increase in August too, as the Champions League resumes in Lisbon and Lewandowski is scoring in each Champions League game he’s featured to date.



After an amazing year, Robert Lewandowski is well in the mix about the next Ballon d’Or. The choice may be quite simple should Lewandowski can continue his amazing performance and, ultimately assist Bayern Munich to win the Champions League and become the first European team to complete the continental treble two times. This is certainly within reach for Lewandowski. Polish international as Bayern Munich are widely considered to be the most likely team to win the trophy.



  1. Kylian Mbappe


Mbappe isn’t as good as Lewandowski in my rankings due to age as well as the fact the player hasn’t played since March. In a couple of years, the French 21-year-old may be the most prominent player on this list, as his statistics and abilities are unquestionably outstanding. Already an all-time World Cup winner with a goal in the final, and an all-time Ligue 1 winner, Mbappe’s trophy collection is bound to grow. A little hampered by injuries in the current season Mbappe nevertheless scored 18 goals and recorded 7 assists during the 20 league matches in which he participated. All in all, Mbappe scored 47 goals and assists over 33 games. This is Messi’s number. They are Ronaldo numbers. These are Mbappe’s numbers.



However, because of the abrupt end of Ligue 1, Mbappe will most likely be a non-entrant to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or. But, if he can claim his first-ever PSG Champions League title in August with the help of Neymar Of course it would be possible to leap back into the discussion.



  1. Kevin De Bruyne


Another player who could become a contender for Ballon d’Or at the end of the season is Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne. Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian midfielder who is a masterclass. He is by far the best midfielder in England and his vision and passing skills are unparalleled. De Bruyne has 11 goals and 18 assists in the Premier League this season, and with just four games to play, he could very well be the one to break Thierry Henry’s Premier League record of 20 assists in a single season.



The team has conceded a Premier League title to Liverpool this season, Pep Guardiola’s dominant Manchester City team will be looking to show its worth in their play in the Champions League resumes in August as well. Kevin De Bruyne will be an important aspect in determining whether or not City will finally win the trophy City has always coveted.



  1. Virgil van Dijk


The Dutch player joined Liverpool in the Premier League from Southampton on January 1, 2018, and has since been one of the top Premier League defenders of all time. One of the best players of a great team that won the championship, Virgil van Dijk finished just ahead of Lionel Messi in the 2019 Ballon d’Or rankings, almost becoming the first player ever since Italian center back Fabio Cannavaro did in the year 2006, to receive the prize. The Dutchman did get UEFA Men’s Player of the Year. When playing in the Premier League last season, van Dijk conceded only 22 goals, recorded his clean sheet to 20 and posted 74% success in the tackle rate, and recorded the second-highest amount of passes, earning him the distinction as the Premier League Player of the Year. Liverpool has only one loss in the league and finished the season on top with 97 points, just one point less than the team who defeated the team, Manchester City. Liverpool did however triumph in the Champions League and have since been crowned both the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. In every competition, van Dijk was only passed once throughout the season.



In the current campaign, van Dijk has led Liverpool to their first Premier League title in 30 years. While he’s not had an as impressive season as he did last year but he has still managed to score the highest amount of passing during the Premier League and has helped Liverpool keep the cleanest sheets in the league thus far. In addition to bolstering and directing the Liverpool backline, He has been the top player in the world for the past two seasons and is probably the most vital player for Liverpool’s current achievement.




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