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Genshin Impact Earns $2 Billion after Unprecedented First-Year Success

A Breath of the Wild Scam:

Some call the Genshin Impact a Breath of the Wild scam. Genshin Impact naturally boasts some BOTW gameplay features. But it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the most fascinating and entertaining games. When I first played Genshin Impact, I was stuck on the screen for hours. And with the game now boasting millions of players from around the world, I wasn’t the only one crazy about Genshin Impact. The great thing about miHoYo action RPGs is that they are completely free. So you can download it immediately without paying.


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Genshin Impact Earns $ 2 Billion after Unprecedented First-Year Success?

Genshin Impact video games are estimated to have earned $ 2 billion (£ 149 million) in the first year on mobile phones alone. Celebrating its first birthday this week, the game was launched on September 28, 2020, on mobile devices, PCs, and PlayStations. According to new data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, the game has been the third most profitable mobile game in the world in the last 12 months. Only Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile won more. Genshin Impact has created $ 757 million players in China, the largest mobile game.

A free game about a mysterious traveler looking for a bright and complex character to meet while traveling through a vast fantasy country with his lost brother. It is based on microtransactions to make money. In the first six months, mobile phone users alone earned over $ 1 billion (£ 730 million), with an estimated 3 million people playing games every day. In the first half of 2021, he won more than his big name to play his opponents, including parts of the Marvel Universe and Dragon Ball Z. Genshin was really shocked.

“EA titles like FIFA often generate a fair amount of money, but it has the power of EA behind it and years of video game marketing,” said video and technology journalist Jess Weathered on Radio 1. I told the news beat. “Genshin was really shocking because it emerged out of nowhere in the pandemic, especially in the West, without explicit marketing.” Within a few weeks, it was used on all popular streaming platforms like Twitch. Used on most phones of a particular age group. The success of the game out of nowhere was virtually unprecedented. “

And it ended in the midst of a pandemic, which may also have helped the game find a fan base. “It was like a lifesaver to those who were desperately lonely and wanted to do something in their time,” says Jess. “I was stuck with some of my friends for several months.”

The developers of Mikoyan make players interested in updating the game every few weeks. In places like Belgium where such money is banned because it is considered a type of gambling because the money is earned by purchasing random items in the game like the outside trash can the game is not fully available. Video games banned in Belgium

In-game outdoor bus related to game issues:

You may have seen something similar in a game like FIFA. There you can spend money to buy the game and then drop more to get the desired player in the team. Except in this case, instead of trying to win a Premier League striker, you try to get a firefighter or an icy exorcist to join the team. .. “I think there’s a lot of hostility about what people consider to be real players,” Jess said. “They don’t want to feel like they’ve made money to play a game, but you can play a game like Genshin without using a penny, and that’s part of the attraction.”

This is a model known as Gauche, or Gachapon, named after an expensive toy vending machine found in Japan. Of course, like Fortnight, you can play Genshin without spending a penny, but the game will do its best to seduce players with the latest virtual items. At the end of 2020, he also won several awards, including the Game of the Year from Apple and Google. Jess believes that one of the game’s greatest attractions is the accessibility of free games, which are available on a variety of platforms. “You don’t have to buy an expensive gaming laptop. You don’t have to wait in line to find your PS5 desperately. You just download it to your Smartphone or play it on your computer,” says Jess. “There was a magical feeling that I hadn’t had a few years ago.”

You can freely explore the anime world of Genshin Impact, but the best ones will cost you

After a successful Genshin Impact in the first 12 months, Jess says competitors “want to increase production value” to gain millions of Mikoyan shares. “Other Gachapon games are usually card trading games with a little narration. There is no real game.”

“The bar was definitely pulled up.”



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