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New Zealand Rejects Cricket Tour of Pakistan Over Security Concerns

New Zealand abandoned its cricket tour to Pakistan on Friday due to security concerns that puzzled hosts just before it was the Black Caps’ first scheduled match in Pakistan in 18 years.

New Zealand Cricket said it received a security warning from the government of its country and took the decision to end the tour just minutes before the scheduled beginning of a one-day international match in Rawalpindi. The two teams stayed in their hotels.

After an increase in New Zealand government threat levels for Pakistan as well as advice from NZC security experts at the scene, it’s been decided that the Black Caps won’t continue in their tour.” NZC said on its website. Plans are being put in place to allow the team to leave.

NZC declined to discuss what the threat to security is.

There are some concerns by experts that the victory of the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan could inspire militant organizations in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cricket Board said Prime Minister Imran Khan sat down personally to his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern and informed her that we are home to one of the most advanced intelligence systems anywhere in the world and that there is no security risk or threat of any kind is present for the team that is visiting.

The Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan government have made foolproof security arrangements for all teams that visit Pakistan. We have confirmed the New Zealand Cricket of the very.

We’re aware of the decision by New Zealand to withdraw from the Pakistan tour because of an emergency in the security sector according to the ECB declared. “We are in contact with our security staff who are currently in Pakistan to fully comprehend the situation. We will inform the ECB Board will then decide within the next 24 hours if our planned trip will go ahead.

Pakistan was a no-go area for international teams for the past decade following terrorists struck the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore in 2009. The attack killed seven people and injured many Sri Lankan cricketers, including Thilan Samaraweera who is part of players in the New Zealand tour management as the batsman coach.

International teams resumed their tour of Pakistan in the year 2019 and Pakistan’s Sri Lankan team making a well-publicized return in December of the same year. Then came an appearance by the Bangladesh cricket team in February of 2020, and then COVID-19 came into effect to end the majority of travel for international sports.


New Zealand became the first team to cancel a match while playing in Pakistan because of security fears.

The players are in safe and safe hands, New Zealand Cricket Players Association chief executive Heath Mills said. The players are safe and everyone is doing what is in their best interest.



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