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Sony removes Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store after a violent reaction

After responding to the Sony Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store, Sony kills Cyberpunk 2077 from the Play station 2077 store and says digital players play for digital samples. Polish developer shareholders dropped by 20% in Cyberpunk, CD Project. This game is criticized for many errors and racing performance on the old keyboard. Sony Cyberpunk 2077 only one week after his advent of the PlayStation store after complaining of Glitches in video games made by Poland Cd Project. Play roll, invoice from the side.

The open story, an adventure story in …  MegaPallolis is delayed by energy, pinot, and body modification. Fans and games for their fears. CD Project said that this was a temporary comment and hardly worked to restore the game to the PlayStation store as soon as possible. The game maker said on Friday that his intention was purchased from a physical or digital version for retail, and I have good proof of the purchase, to get recovery. Launch Cyberpunk 2077, where players play as “V” the person banned as mercenaries, Relais one of his kind is immortality, coordinated with great people at home during the epidemic.  Although the Coronavirus crisis demand for games, new rare addresses, which means they have launched special attention.

Many large ticket games like Halo Infinite malware were also delayed as a result of challenging home developers during the limits of the Coronavirus. London – Cyberpunk Sony 2077 from the PlayStation Store shocked in an analysis step and added to its developed problems. Japanese games, Sony’s interactive entertainment, in a brief message on its website as the struggle to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction, and players offer a full digital version of the game. Poland developer stocks in Cyberpunk, CD Projects fell by 20% on Friday behind the news.  The company lost $ 6.6 billion since the game was spent on Thursday. CD project was not available for interpretation by CNBC.

Only more than two weeks ago, the release of Cyberpunk, this game criticizes the players for many errors and cutting performance on old computers like Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. SCI-FI was one of the most radiant titles in 2020, with a large noise in the industry and previous successes developed – as defined by an institution. CD Projects is a studio behind the game to play Watcher 3, which is assumed that it is important to be one of the best games at all times.  But the graphics requirements are very tilted in Cyberpunk that is suffering from the old appliances.

People who play in the PS4 and Xbox games discovered that the game is often frozen, while the texture of a lot of time downloads, that the wrong characters are sometimes not his parties. This is not an easy call, but it did the right step, said Steve Billy, and Hamada Research Agency analyst for CNBC.   On Monday, CD said Projects that saves him for customers, if they bought the game on the old keyboard and were dissatisfied with it. I do not apologize to show how the game in these cars is launched before and said that in the coming months they will receive some updates in the coming months.

Sony is very important after rejecting the request for people before returning digital samples. Gaffe PR now offers Sony’s full refund for players who have purchased the digital game of game. Bailey, however, said in vertical marine areas that he did not believe that the ring will be published with Sony.  But it can work with CDPR. CD Projects says in a statement in a statement: He works hard to bring Cyberpunk 2077 to the PlayStation Store. After discussing our play station, the decision was temporarily distributed digitally in Cyberpunk 2077 in the Play Station Store.

You can still buy physical versions of the game in bricks and mortar online stores. All digital purchases and physical games continue to continue to support and receive updates, and we continue to improve your experience. Be. Analysts say Microsoft can follow Microsoft. However, the company told Reuters that is not currently in these conversations with Microsoft.CD Projects led to pressing his Cyberpunk version several times before the game was finally launched. Was initially planned to be released on April 16, 2020, before leaving until September 17, and then November 19, finally December 10th. I received a lot of noise to launch, by launching some of the comparison fans to attract open crime crimes to steal big cars 5.

After being released, this game was distorted with anger in the space of artistic bugs. It is also criticized for a scene that guarantees triggers for people with epilepsy. CD Projects After that game to reduce the risk of epileptic symptoms COVID-19 CEO Adam Kaminski said that when Cyberpunk 2077 launched that the CD project was preferred to have fewer errors, but about delay Did not think for a quarter. He said there are fewer foreign laboratories because they could not play the game from home as a result of CompendE-19.

We are very disappointed with the information that shows that the game is not ready for honor in December, and freedom is a big mistake, said Rubber Koran, an analyst of Trogon DM property representatives.  Sony’s moves in good faith that over many years of CD Projects fans by eliminating errors with updates, expected patches in January and February. CD Projects, which won Project with the Watcher series, is expected by the Poland Company, the largest listed company, breaking sales records with cyber pods, which also launched in the Xbox and Google men’s stages.



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