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Thousands flee in quarantine on tropical islands – through the passage of animals

Central quarantine, flying thousands of tropical islands – throughout the passage of animals for Okoda, they were not able to spend time with their mother, only five miles living on the road, one of the hardest parts in the quarantine. Dead with Face time and Zoom, Okoda and her mother found another way to connect – they receive mistakes by making trips to tropical fish islands and choosing fruits together. I know that many people have another job in zoom data, but most of my hangout sessions through the passage of animals, one of the thousands of people who are animal traffic in Nintendo: Okoda Yukawa said. The company, of which the conversion unit is done in March and rock tourism that is done in the full effect of most nations.

The game is on an island with colored animal creatures that players can be released in the free world that is completely complete at their own pace.  After falling in love with an unusual game, the mother, who claimed the instructions until the social ends through accommodation in their homes, often visit each other. Okoda said: We also do time, but I think we spend more time together, as we play more than when we play only in Face Timing. Crosser Animals belong to what many years are a function of the game that is known as life simulation. There are usually no functions for classical video games such as numbers or competition.

Instead, players are performed through controlled characters, daily tasks, or daily activities. These games include games such as SIMS and Valley, which, in addition to the Cross of Animal, was strongly popular in its right quarantine.  This is also a return to childhood because the art of the teacher is very old, New Jersey, New Jersey, and New Jersey, New Jersey. For players and players, the latest version of Sims and carry animals is in some nostalgic games for the first time in the first decades. Even Walleye Stage, the latest game, but retro with a strong online community, seems to intersect animals, modern style of the game. Normal?

For some but the games are made on honest catalysts and are sometimes eager thanks to the dolls of the environmental dolls.  Good from control and curiosity – to play in the world where the player, instead of playing, is in control. Do you have your character if you are locked in this room? Do they pay their debts if you sell this article?

If they talk to this character, will love? The whole command reaches the player.  This is the type of game that cannot reach better times, with many of us with the aim of the 9th week of social performance. That set up the Shipping Animal specifically. Nintendo is willing to comment on the sale of Crossing Animals: New Horizons, but market researchers in the NPD group, who are looking for video games, he is the best selling game for March and now pet game bestselling the history of the United States. The psychological escape of the health of the players talked with the NBC News, said the animal passage, Sims and the Star to Valley helped them confront quarantine insulation. Whether they visit a tropical island with friends, start from a farm, or use a whole new life, have Windows games for the world that has completed the Coronate virus.

I don’t get myself I know that as if I led my life on my phone because the world is much smaller. I see it as relaxing and awesome. The players said that the simulation of life did not only give them mental escape but gave them so that in addition to providing a means to remember the social walk, they threw a surprise party for his son’s friend, The queen of the clouds, and located in the San Francisco Bay area, as you face real-life – by collecting at home your friends at the intersection of the animals and then called.

I was crying because he was very good,

This condition is exactly what I need because I can’t see someone on that day. Players in the game do not meet as a means to celebrate great events.  Most of the time, the players of the island only choose the elements of the fruits for duties and share them to increase their gaming slopes. Jake Knight, 26, from Brooklyn, New York, since its first embodiment in Nintendo GameCube in North America in 2002. With the majority of the nation in a lock, said Knight Crossing Animals: New Perspective cannot be better in time “Edit me really encounter this generation and the technological progress of the social side. You can visit the islands to visit and hang in the common area; this is not really what I can do in real life. Andrew Young, 22, from Neville, Tennessee, he said almost every day since his release.

Now, replace the real thing? No, I’m dead to leave the house? Yes really. But he has already helped. Although Animals Pass: New Outlook is one of the rare life simulations that you can play online, and many other games in this kind of illusion players who communicate with real people or let them Gives indirectly with their character.  Torre, 27 years old, lives in California, they downloaded Sims 4, a simulation of historical life, as a means of feeling that they are out of the house. Sims is known as the Sandbox game in which players can change or destroy the environments or characters.

The knight said: The NBC News software downloads for the full cover of the Coronavirus because of the Cross of the Animal, he says, he can follow the days of the week. On Sunday, Knight soon woke up to match the game – the aspects of the game known as the foot market, these fluctuations.  Although this game is no structure, each day gives me more structure.




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