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Three hours per week: Players playtime in China

China announced this summer that children and adolescents can play only three-hour video games every week. Youths under the age of 18 are prevented in school days and are limited to one hour per day and weekend.  Do you see the negatives? Are you worried too?  Do you think you should spend your childhood time in video games? If so, should the government create these restrictions? Should parents and families be? In China, the borders of the youth online and the game group at night, Chris Buckley reports rigid limits in China about minor online video games to play even harder. Children from games prevent games on school days and this is limited to an hour a day on weekends and public holidays, among government laws on Monday.

The rules issued by the press and publication press, emphasized the limitations of 2019, aimed at the government that the government said that the growing increase of online games between schoolchildren.  . The government said that parents complained that they were very worms and he was implemented. The new line is set for 8 to 9 am. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The government said they are checking to ensure that the games are done.  Bridge and Al-Shall Chen, in the new edges, Whiplash Chinese video games, and the palace still finds ways about government blocks. Chinese technology companies, such as Ten cents, are Corungston for global games.

The country was also quick to build competitive games for the construction and construction of sports stadiums and can allocate students in the subject. However, the Chinese relationship with the games is quite complicated. An important source of entertainment in the country, games are easily accessible in a country where economic growth in economic growth and long hours are easily accessible.

Three hours per week:

Players playtime in Shanghai – China with less than 18 years of video games for more than three hours per week, accurate social intervention said the ingredients to increase addiction needed what he described as Spiritual opium. New rules have been published on Monday, part of a major change in Beijing to promote community control and key sectors for their economies, including technical, education, and residence, after years of published growth.  They are less than 18 weeks to play an hour on day – 08:00 at 21:00 – Only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, according to the Xing Air Government News Agency.    NPPA (NPPA) simultaneously with wider Beijing against the Chinese technology giants, such as Alibaba and Ten cents.

This campaign to prevent that government media as brutal growth describes some of the company’s dollar bull dolls from trading stock at home and abroad. Shin Air quoted a spokeswoman for the NPPA spokesman if he said: The future teens of the mother country. Protecting the physical and mental health of minors related to the interests of the people is vital and is related to the growing young generation in the era of national innovation.

The game considers the provision of services to minors outside the clock and must ensure that the system confirms the real name in place.

In the past, China’s time I can be 18 years old to play video games every day and three hours on vacation based on the rules of the 2019 game.  The new rules are one of the most discussed issues in Web, China’s response to Twitter. Some users have expressed their support for measures, while others announced that they were surprised by the rules. A lecture received more than 700; this is very clear because I cannot fully run. Others have expressed their doubts that limits can be applied.” You only use parental recordings and requests, how can they drive? An asked According to Neozoic, the Chinese market will produce about $ 456 billion in revenue in 2021 before the United States. Vote to the campaign around the world.

The sock in the Technische Investment Company listed in Amsterdam, which has 29% of interest in the Sino-Ten cent social and video games, 1.45%, while the Ubisoft group and slowly dropped by more than 2%. Chinese stock slippage in the market before the market in the United States with Net’s interruptions of more than 6% and a billion mobile phone game released 3%. According to government media, about 62.5 percent of Chinese minors online, 13.2% of mobile phone users without age play mobile games for more than two hours a day.  These games were on the edge in recent weeks because the government criticized the addiction of young people and expressed an organizational campaign. Description of the state media port an online game as Roughen on the current month and as proud king in Ten cents in an article titled for more restrictions in the industry, beat the stock in the world’s largest gaming company. Ten cents announced new measures to reduce the time and money to spend children in games, from the honor of the king.

His boss also said that he was working on supervisors to discover the roads, the time left by the palace to play in all titles in the industry. Organizing the NPPA to Xinhua (Xinhua) said the frequency and intensity of online gaming companies increase to ensure that the deadlines are developed and guaranteed anti-addiction constraints.  He also said that parents and teachers play an important role in reducing addiction to games.






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