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VAROLANT: How does VALORANT compare to PUBG and CS: GO?

In the main game mode, players on each team of five players are assigned team attacks or team defenses. Why is VALORANT good?

Your strategy is based solely on the reaction of the target and the cannon. These gameplay elements have been added to VALORANT‘s fun and meta-strategy, making it a more exciting game than CS: GO. The unique abilities of the agent add depth to the game. It may take some time for players to learn to use a particular agent. Action games such as overwatch, Valor ant, Fortnite, and CSGO can train your brain to make quick and accurate decisions under pressure. Video games can better equip our brains to handle and handle these situations quickly and gently. Combine your style and experience in a global and competitive environment.

You have 13 innings to attack and defend your side with sharp weapons and tactical skills. And if you want to survive one life at a time, you need to think faster than your opponent. Fight enemies in competitive and unprecedented ways, not just deathmatches and spy crashes. Each card that fights around the world is a playground to show your creative thinking. Designed specifically for team strategy, epic play, and exciting moments. Create a game that others will follow for years to come.

Wondering why social media and web portals are full of news about video games called Valor ant. This is because the game is no longer in closed beta and is now available to players around the world, including India.

Can your computer handle it?

Valiant’s download file size is only 7.3GB, which is quite small compared to the file size of many computer games these days. In terms of hardware configuration, the minimum specifications required to play at 30 FPS (frames/second) are the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor and the Intel HD4000 graphics processor. For a fun 60 FPS gaming experience, Riot Games recommends nothing but an Intel Core i3 4150 CPU and a Vida George GT 730 GPU. For the best experience above 144 FPS, the player must be at least 3.2GHz Intel Core i54460 and Nevada GTX1050Ti.

 How does this compare to PUBG and CS: GO?

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Gasoline and diesel prices have risen for the fourth consecutive year today … Compared to other popular online multiplayer games, Valiant is much more in common with CS: GO than PUBG or Fortnite. Like CS: GO, here one team attacks and the other defends. The defending team places the bomb and prevents the attacking team from exploding the bomb. The team can switch from offensive to defensive after 3 turns.

How does Riot Games guarantee fair play?

Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat system is activated during the game to keep the game competitive and prevent fraud. This prevents players from using quick tricks (which allow them to move faster than other players) and wall jerseys (which allow players to see enemies through the wall). The developers are working on adding target blocks (blocks targeted by enemies) and will soon activate the boot in Vanguard (shoot enemies automatically).

 Is there a problem with the game?

Immediately after the game was released, players from different regions accessed social media and repeatedly reported game accidents. According to some reports, Riot Games had to shut down the game first in Europe and then in the Asia Pacific region for maintenance. Many users even reported that they couldn’t access the Valorant Battle Pass.



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